About Will

My name is William Benton, and I am the Democratic Party nominee for House District 62. I would like your support as we lead Alabama to a brighter future together and I believe we can do exactly that this year. 

This is my first time to run for office, but I've been involved in politics for 18 years now. Eighteen years of grassroots organizing experience isn’t a long time here in Alabama, but it is that connection to Alabama’s grassroots democratic politics that runs deep. I am a member of the Tuscaloosa County Democratic Party Executive Board and a founding member of the Tuscaloosa Young Democrats, and until recently, serving as their treasurer. 

In addition to my experience in Alabama government and politics, I have had a lengthy career in business, with experience in multiple industries, including metallurgy, finance, hospitality, and marketing. I also have a degree in Business Management from the Culverhouse School of Management at the University of Alabama. While working towards this degree, I saw how special our area is and how we must develop sustainable, long-term growth plans that are beneficial for all of Alabama’s citizens, starting with HD 62. 

I decided to run myself because I was tired of seeing the same old same old Alabama politics that we all know doesn't work for our district. People tell me that what we need from Montgomery are fresh ideas, a can-do attitude, and true servant leaders who put the folks at home first instead of Montgomery special interest groups. 

You can trust that you’ll have my ear, and I’ll have your back! No one will work harder to address the everyday cares and concerns of Alabamians, especially our most pressing issues of health care, infrastructure, education, and a living wage.